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Four Winds Inter-tribal Emblem

Four Winds Intertribal Society

The Four Winds Intertribal Society Scholarship is awarded to an applicant of American Indian descent. The Society seeks to share their culture through music, dance and storytelling.


Frank P. Dickson, Sr.

Frank P. Dickson, Sr. established an endowment in the name of his wife, Virginia because she had attended Temple College as a student. Frank was the son of Walter H. Dickson who played for the New York Giants and died during the flu epidemic when his son was only 2...

Gatesville ISD

Gatesville ISD

The Gatesville ISD is proud to Grow Their Own Teachers. In partnership with the Temple College Foundation, they provide two matching scholarships for students pursuing a teaching degree.

Durinda Slough

G.C. and Durinda Slough

G.C. and Durinda came to Temple in 1956 and established Shallow Ford Construction Company. They built a beautiful home on a cliff at the end of Slough Drive. In their estate, they left an endowment for the Temple College Foundation – a continuation of their desire...



As the Foundation’s affinity partner, Geico has established the Geico Endowed Scholarship to benefit a freshman student at TC who demonstrates financial need. For every GEICO quote referred by the Temple College Foundation, GEICO adds to their endowment.

Glynda Parker.jpg

Glynda Parker

My mom invested in student nurses for 30+ years. We use to joke that Trey and I grew up in the halls of TC. Mom loved her profession and was passionate about turning out the best nurses possible. We saw many of those during her hospital stay. Dad stayed right by her...

GV Brindley

G. V. Brindley

The G.V. Brindley, Jr., M.D. Scholarship for Health Care Professions scholarship was established in memory of Dr. G.V. Brindley, Jr. in recognition of the lasting contribution that he made to the Temple community and to the health care professions. 

Lucy, Suzy and Harry Adams.jpg

Harry Adams Endowed Family Scholarship

Scholarship Selection Criteria 1. Student must have a GPA of 2.7 or higher. 2. Student must be from one of the following districts: Temple ISD, Belton ISD, Troy ISD, or Academy ISD.

H.C. Farrell

H.C. and Mary Farrell

The H. C. and Mary Farrell Scholarship was established and endowed by Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Farrell, Jr. Dr. Farrell was a beloved history professor at Temple College. It provides financial assistance to full time students participating in the performing arts...

Holland ISD

Holland ISD

Each year, the Holland ISD offers a matching scholarship for one of their graduates attending Temple College. The Wilson W. and Berniece Pausewang scholarship provides the match.


Hubert L. "Pinky" and Waldean D. Linder

Hubert L. “Pinky” and Waldean D. Linder posthumously left an endowment to serve the young people of Temple just as they had worked during their lifetime to care for and enjoy the youth in their hometown. Pinky is remembered for loading up his truck with neighborhood...

Jace Jefferson

Jace Jefferson

Jace’s mother began this scholarship in memory of her amazing son, who battled cancer, taught his younger sister the love of baseball, and was a beacon of kindness and light for all who knew him.

Dr. Jack Weinblatt

Jack and Wanda Weinblatt

As physician and emergency medic for the Temple Fire and Rescue Department, Dr. Jack Weinblatt was named Honorary Fire Chief. Whenever a fire alarm sounded, he was there ready to help, sometimes arriving before the fire trucks. In 1990 with his wife, Wanda, he...

James and Kim Fikes

James and Kim Fikes

The C.E. Fikes (CEFCO) Endowed Scholarship was established by James R. and Kim Fikes in honor of Mr. C.E. Fikes, a long-time Central Texas businessman and founder of CEFCO Convenience Stores.  Preference is given to students employed by: Fikes Wholesale, Inc., CEFCO...

Art by J. Bryant Reeves

J Bryant Reeves

The Josephine Reeves Art Endowed Scholarship was established by her son, J Bryant Reeves who was the director of the art department at Temple College.

Jessica June Wilson Beatty

Jessica June Wilson Beatty

The Jessica June Wilson Beatty Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the memory and continue the legacy of Temple College student, Jessica Wilson Beatty. Her family established the endowment in the hopes that her only child, Brentley Brooklynn Beatty will...

Jill Stoltenberg.jpg

Jill Stoltenberg

Dr. Paul O. Walker spent his dentistry career advocating for and providing dental services for underserved patients – especially children. His wife, Jill Stoltenberg, a dental hygienist and professor shared his sense of mission. The Stoltenberg family provide...

Mr. and Mrs. Parks

Jim and Barbara Parks

Jim and Barbara Parks settled in Temple where they both spent their professional careers helping young people. Jim was a psychologist with the VA and Barbara was a guidance counselor at Temple High. They established the Parks Key to Success scholarship because they...

J.L. and Bonnell Callaway

J. L. and Bonnell Callaway

The J.L. and Bonnell Callaway Foundation Scholarship was established a year before the death of the Callaways. They wanted to ensure that the students who graduate from C.H. Yoe High School were able to continue their education. Dr. Hope Koch, a Yoe graduate who is...

John Allen Cox

John Allen Cox

The John Allen Cox Memorial Art Scholarship was established after his death on April 24, 2001, and later endowed by his wife, Louise Cox, a long-time employee of Temple College.

John Jackson with wife Katie in background photo

John and Katie Jackson

Former Temple College students, John and Katie Jackson established endowments to honor their parents, Elizabeth Blakely Jackson and Mr. and Mrs. O.A. Graeter. At the Mary Alice Marshall Performing Arts Center, the Jackson Graeter Backstage Theater bears their name.

Jonnie Ragsdale mother of John R. Bailey

John Bailey

John R. Bailey is a native of Temple and graduate of Temple High School and Texas A&M University. He serves as trustee on Temple College Board of Trustees and as a member of the Temple College Foundation Board. John established the Jonnie Ragsdale Gendron...

Klara Janicek

John D. Janicek

Johnny Janicek’s mother, Klara started a scholarship fund in 1986. When John passed away in 2003, he left a substantial portion of his estate to the scholarship fund in hopes of helping other TC students who had to rely on scholarships to get an education. His...

John E. Roueche Pic.jpg

John E. Roueche Scholarship

Evelyn Nelson Waiwaiole is a native of Taylor, Texas, and took her first college class at Temple College before attending Texas A&M University, the University of Oklahoma, and the University of Texas for her doctoral degree. Evelyn established the John E. Roueche...


John Lumpkin

Karen Robinson

Karen Robinson

When Karen Robinson retired from Temple College as the Director of the Advanced Degree Nursing Program, she established a nursing scholarship in honor of her mother, Arlene S. Ledebuhr. Her mother fostered her love of nursing and Mrs. Robinson wants to help students...

Michelle Otto

Kent and Joan Bohls

Michelle Otto used her creative writing skills to tell the stories that made her job as a paramedic a poignant journey through the lives of those she touched. She told stories of the hug she gave to a woman who had just lost her husband because she knew that there...

Kirby Johnson

Kirby Johnson

This scholarship is to honor Kirby Johnson whose career here at Temple College spanned 33 years as the men’s basketball head coach. He amassed a total of 715 wins during that time; however, his greatest impact was on the lives of his players on and off the court.


Kiwanis Club President

An endowed scholarship has been established in the name of Kiwanis Club Of Temple Project Foundation, Inc. to provide scholarships for Temple College students and those eligible to attend Temple College.  Dr. Hubert M. Dawson, the first president of Temple College,...

Knob Creek Masonic Lodge

Knob Creek Masonic Lodge

The Knob Creek and King Solomon Masonic Lodges have established an endowment at the urging of Mason Josh Huckabee, who attended Temple College, made an indellible mark in the science department, and valued the need to use their civic organization to benefit other...