Lana Villarreal Jonse

Fernando Jonse

When his wife Lana Villarreal Jonse died suddenly, Fernando turned his grief into goodness. Using the idyllic bar and grill that they’d established in Hare, TX, Fernando hosts an annual bbq cookoff with games, concerts and family fun that all benefit scholarships for nursing students. Lana was a masters degree nurse and known for her compassion and warmth. Fernando has harnessed the love that all who knew Lana felt and put it into helping the next generation of nursing students.


One man, honoring his wife, is going to affect an entire community. It isn’t just the people who help him to raise money for scholarships that are impacted, and it isn’t just the nurses who benefit from those scholarships. It’s everyone who hears his story, visits his restaurant, and sees his love that will be inspired and renewed.