Sol Neman

David and Terri Neman

The Celia and Nathan Neman Developmental Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established in memory of the parents of Sol Neman. The third generation of Neman’s now contribute to this fund.


I appreciate the work and effort that has come from the money you have chosen to gift to me. My family has taught me the value of money, I have learned to not buy something unless you have the money to pay for it, and always have a rainy-day fund in case something goes wrong. This scholarship allows me to complete my first semester of college without the financial burden normally associated with the freshman year. I am aware it is no small feat to raise funds for scholarships in today?s economic time and I am humbled by being the selected candidate. Again, thank you for this chance and helping me strive to become a better person and to eventually help the community around me.